The You I Can't Forget

The You I Can't Forget

Book Three of the Take a Vow Collection

He's the hot, broody soldier I had a crush on in high school... and now he’s back right when I’m the most vulnerable to his charm.

After my ex crushed my dreams and left me at the altar, I’m done with getting my heart broken. Working as an event planner was supposed to help me move on, but nothing prepared me for the appearance of Jeff Moss at the veteran’s silent auction. He’s an intimidatingly hot, and notoriously quiet guy who is more mystery than moves. Keeping things professional will be no problem, even when he out bids me for my favorite art piece.

Beneath his reticence, though, Jeff’s surprisingly sweet and protective.

When Jeff learns how my ex stood me up at our wedding, his loyal nature flares, and he encourages and spoils me in every way. The spark I used to have for him? It’s back, and I’m dancing on the head of a pin to keep myself in check. I’m falling for him. Will he stick around and find out if what we think is happening is the real thing?

He could break my heart, but it might be worth it.

The You I Can’t Forget is a grumpy-sunshine closed-door romance with sizzle but no spice and an HEA. It’s the third book in the Take a Vow collection, and can be read as a standalone.

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