How to Support Small Authors
Sep 4, 2023

Hello there, dear readers! As Maribelle McCrea, a passionate Southern Romance Novelist, I'm thrilled to connect with you and share some insights on how you can support independent authors like me. Your support means the world, and I'm excited to show …

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Embracing the Charm of Southern Romance Novels: Exploring Themes and Settings
Sep 1, 2023

Welcome to my world of Southern romance! As Maribelle McCrea, I invite you to dive into the enchanting realm of heartfelt stories, captivating characters, and picturesque settings that capture the essence of the South.

Setting the Stage for Southern…

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Book Reviews - How and Why
Sep 20, 2022

I began writing as a business way back in 2018. Since then I have spent more time learning how to get my work in front of readers than I have in actually writing stories.

It is surprisingly difficult to obtain reviews - even from readers who love my…

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Tallulah Gets Hitched Re-Write = MORE EVIL COUSIN TRICKS!
Aug 7, 2022

If you remember reading my last newsletter, I shared that book two was fun, but a little too easy, peasy, romance-queezie. I'm a writer so I get to make words up! ;)

SO as a writer who wants to give you the very best story I can tell, Tallulah and Ma…

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