Maribelle McCrea

Hi there! I'm Maribelle McCrea, and I'm proud to be a fourth-generation Atlanta native. The South is in my blood, and I embrace all the wonderful qualities it represents – from its warm hospitality to its timeless manners and graceful charm. Life can get pretty hectic, but I find solace and inspiration in the values that the South embodies.

Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine, dating all the way back to my childhood days. I used to keep my thoughts and words close to my heart, until I discovered the magic of NaNoWriMo – a month dedicated to unleashing creativity through writing. This transformative experience led me to channel my thoughts into a full-fledged novel that I'm incredibly proud of.

One of my recent accomplishments was being named a finalist for the Best Romance Novel category in the prestigious Amadjinn Awards for 2022. My novel, "Southern Mommas: A Tale by Tallulah Louise," captured the essence of Southern charm and relationships, which are so close to my heart.

While writing is my true passion, there's more to me than just words on paper. When I'm not crafting stories, I love spending quality time with my family. We often embark on bike rides, enjoying the simple pleasures that life offers. And of course, like many Southern moms, I love to bake – there's something so fulfilling about creating delicious treats. Although, it's kind of a requirement that everyone else eats it up so I am not tempted!

My home is a cozy haven where I reside with my loving husband and our adorable Maltese pup named Wicket. We enjoy our grown children who live close by and they bring us our delightful grandchildren over to play often.

We've created a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our shared values and Southern roots. The town I live in, just south of Atlanta, boasts an impressive 100 miles of golf cart paths – a unique feature that adds charm to our community.

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