Southern Mommas: For the Love of Rhett

Southern Mommas: For the Love of Rhett

When your life is as delicate as a house of cards, you perfect the art of dodging gusts that threaten to send it crumbling.

Without warning, like a tornado of excitement and whirlwind love, Rhett burst into my life, flipping everything upside down in the most exhilarating way imaginable.

Joined by his extraordinary family, they welcomed me into their whimsical circle with open arms, a place I clung to like a kid to candy (because, honestly, it was sweeter than a sugar rush).

Uncovering a secret shattered the foundation I had so delicately built, sending everything tumbling into chaos. How could I trust anything I thought I knew?

Yet, even amidst the shadows of fear, Rhett emerged as my guiding light, the catalyst for my own miracles. I never imagined a love like ours could exist. 

Together, we will confront dark truths, navigate grief, and revel in the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Will we have the strength to confront the uncertainties of the future, or will my fear and self-doubt finally exhaust Rhett’s patience and understanding? Where’s a crystal ball when you need it? 

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