Southern Mommas: Tallulah Gets Hitched

Southern Mommas: Tallulah Gets Hitched

Planning the perfect wedding... except chaos has RSVP’d! 

The journey to wedded bliss is anything but smooth, y'all. I mean, seriously, chaos seems to follow us everywhere.

The groom's so chill about all the details that I might take a page from my momma and have a full-blown hissy fit. Mix in my crazy new job, plus my sneaky cousins who are determined to sabotage my wedding, it’s a recipe for disaster!

But fear not, darlin', 'cause I've got my trusty friends by my side. Especially Colin, that mischievous fella from the wild streets of the Big Apple, who will stop at nothing to foil my meddling cousins’ plans, even if he has to take one for the team.

Can we pull off the perfect day and will my cousins get their just desserts instead of wedding cake? 

When the unbreakable power of friendship, devotion, and karma combine, our life’s playlist, like our love, will only grow. 

And if my cousins face the music? Even better!

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