Let's Be Us Again

Let's Be Us Again

Book Two of the Take a Vow Collection

In a twist of fate, Brian and Bridgette's paths cross after five years of separation.

For Brian, the years have done little to dull the ache of longing for Bridgette—if anything, it has
intensified, turning his youthful love into a consuming desire for the captivating woman she has become. Yet, time has not frozen for Bridgette; the past is a chapter closed, and her gaze is fixed on the future. What was once a high school romance is now a complex dance between a man and a woman navigating the uncharted waters of their changed selves.

As the echoes of their shared history resurface, so does another player in the intricate dance of love. A grand gesture from another man in Bridgette's life forces her to confront her future—choosing between the familiar and the unknown. Will she follow the comfort of the known, or dare to hope for something new?

Cue the drama of a friend's wedding, where the flame that never truly died between Brian and Bridgette threatens to reignite. Will the celebration be the perfect backdrop that revives a spark, or will it all be chalked up to nostalgia?

In a narrative woven with the threads of love, loss, and the resilience of the heart, Can't Tell You Why explores whether some connections are indeed meant to withstand the tests of time.

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