Love Set Free

Love Set Free

Book Five in the Take a Vow Collection:

Opposites don’t just attract—they collide with heart-stopping intensity.

Anne, a gifted pastry chef, finds solace and expression in the quiet art of baking. Her world is one of delicate flavors and meticulous craft, where every ingredient matters.

David is a rising star in the music world, an electrifying drummer whose passion for performance fills stadiums but also conceals a shadowy side. His addiction to the roar of the crowd and the adrenaline of the stage masks a deeper, darker craving.

Anne and David’s love story begins like a fairy tale, with spontaneous laughter and electrifying kisses. Their marriage is a blend of sweet and thrilling moments, a recipe for everlasting love. But as the euphoria of the wedding fades, the realities of their differences begin to emerge.

Anne's need for peace clashes with David's thirst for applause. His charisma, so dazzling in the spotlight, starts to cast a darker shadow at home. As David struggles with the demons that his addiction to the stage has unleashed, Anne must decide if her love can bring him back to the light or if some shadows are too deep to conquer.

Love Set Free is a stirring journey through love’s sweetest highs and most perilous lows, asking what it truly means to love someone—not just for who they are in the sunlight, but also for who they become in the dark.

Content Warning: Infertility, Addiction to audience adulation (no drugs), Mild reference to alcohol.

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