If Only You Knew

If Only You Knew

Book Four in the Take a Vow Collection 

Amber MacMillan seemed to have it all—wealth, success, and a ruthless drive to prove her worth.

But beneath her polished exterior, a childhood of emotional suppression and perfectionism left her empty and searching for validation. As a billionaire businesswoman, Amber is used to getting what she wants and won't let anyone stand in her way. But her façade begins to crumble when she forms an unexpected connection with Ian Maxson, the unassuming owner of a dog grooming boutique she frequents.

Ian has built a life that matches his love of people and animals, but when it comes to Amber, he's got a deeply held secret.

When she comes back into his life, will the past derail his newfound feelings or will he trust the Amber in front of him? As their bond deepens and Amber's ruthless business tactics put Ian's boutique in jeopardy, they must work together to save not only the business, but their relationship as well.

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